Sunday Best

I love this dress from Zaara.  It’s sexy with its sheer bottom, yet, in true Zaara style, not sleazy in the least.  I am wearing it to a garden party then on a show later today, but I can easily picture it as a gorgeous Easter dress!  So here’s Sofia headed off to Mass.  😀  Happy weekend everyone, what’s left of it anyway!

Dress:  Zaara : [Mesh] Aamani wrap dress  *print-sorbet*
Hair:  Elikatira “Memoir”
Shoes:  N-core LULU “Pink Floral Edition”
Earrings:  Earthstones Trinity Pearl Earrings
Ring:  Earthstones Bloom Cocktail Ring
Bracelet:  MG South Sea Pearl (mesh)
Purse:  Meghindo’s Vintage Pink Satin Rosette clutch
Pose:  Manifest


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