AFI Fashions

afi dress_001

Yesterday I voice hosted Frolic Mills’ rezday party, and the final performer was DJ AFI.  I have known her for quite a while now, but had no idea that for the last 6 months, she’s been making clothes.  She dropped a present on me, and I gotta say, it’s CUTE!  She had me spot on, the colors and patterns are quite near-east ethnic which I *love*.  I snapped this to show her how it looked and I do like the pic, so no re-shooting or touching up or PS at all.  Nicely done, Aubry!

Dress:  AFI Designs Henna Halter Dress
Shoes:  Redgrave Helena
Hair:  Analog Dog Tantrum
Earrings:  Dahlinks Congo in Teak
Bracelet:  Mandala Takara Wood set
Pose:  Manifest


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