I’d rather be fishing


Moving is a chore, but moving in the middle of the summer and having the AC break in your new place is, well, SHITTY.  As I carried stuff, directed traffic and tried to sleep last night, I used visual images of being out on a fishing boat with a great ocean breeze.  Didn’t help cool me off, mind you, but at least kept me from murdering someone!  If we could only move like in SL, right-click, edit, highlight it all, pick it up and move it to the new place.  And AC?    Who needs AC?  We don’t perspire in SL.  Ugh.  😀

This outfit is one I wish I had today as I sweltered trying to unpack.  HVAC ppl better get here tomorrow or I will be a puddle waiting to evaporate.

Top:  bonbon Dark V1 String bikini
Pants:  [LeeZu!] Yve Pants /grand dame
Feet:  Slink Avatar Enhancement Flat Feet with League skin applier
Sandals:  Slink Aussie Thongs Black
Hair:  =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Cher” Blacks and White


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