Azul Elegance

Mami Jewell is not only one of the sweetest, kindest and most generous people you will ever meet, but she’s also one heck of a designer with a flair for the elegant.  Ladies around the grid know that if they want to be gorgeous, elegant and refined but still sexy, there’s no place like Azul.

I have had the pleasure of working with Mami on several runway shows and have spoken with her about our love of the hourglass gowns.  When this was released, I remembered that conversation and smiled… noticing how she uses the pants layer and not skirt which shows off the avatar shape in its best light.  Thank you, Mami, for making Second Life so much more beautiful!

Gown:  Azul Reshma in Aqua
Shoes:  N-Core Delicious in silver
Jewels:  Donna Flora Aziza aqua set
Hair:  Truth Mayim in Blacks and Whites 05
Pose:  Manifest

A song for you, Jeff.


One thought on “Azul Elegance

  1. thank you so much dear,
    im always happy to see you wear my creation,
    and i know you always love them!
    love you ! ♥

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