Pretty in Pink

pink zaara and skirt

Yesterday was my sister Yo’s birthday and I felt like being girlie for her party.  What’s better than pink when you’re in that kind of mood?  No new purchases needed, I went inventory digging and put together this outfit that more than fit the bill!  Happy birthday Yoshi!   ❤

Shirt:  Zaara Nina tube top *ivory* with tie from the add-on tie-ups pack in *pink ikat*
Skirt:  :FANATIK: Pencil skirt fabric pink
Shoes:  N-core LULU “Pink Floral Edition”
Bracelet:  Maxi Gossamer Pink South Sea Pearl – Bracelet – x3
Bracelet 2:  (Dahlinks) Nazar Eye of Protection Diamond Bracelet (my good luck charm, never comes off!)
Earrings:  EarthStones Trinity Pearl Earring – Pink Pearl/Platinum
Hair:  Truth Tymber
Pose:  Manifest Model_237
Sim:  Our home!


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