Ode to Maitreya

Getting in the Christmas spirit at the Goodnight household, and time to head out to the stores to start shopping!  Poor Jeff, that means it’s time to wear out his credit card.  Casual and comfortable is a must, and when it comes to realistic casual clothes, Maitreya is one of my top choices.  You’d see most of their items in RL stores, right down to the bags.  The texturing is perfect, the sizing is standard and the asses on her pants, well, you’ll see 🙂  In Maitreya, you’ll look good coming and going!

Sweater – Maitreya Mesh Athena Sweater * Creme
Jeans – Maitreya Mesh Flare jeans * #8
Boots – Maitreya Mesh * Devi Booties Brown
Bag – Maitreya Mesh Leather Satchel * Lion
Hair – /Wasabi Pills/ Joy Mesh Hair – Ash
Necklace – EarthStones Sofya Jewelry Sets – Tiger’s Eye
Ring – (Dahlinks) Spin Ring -Chocolate Topaz
Hands – Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Casual with League Applier

Pose  – **Manifeste** – Model_233
Location – Our sim


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