So I thought I would try it myself….

I love to shop, but every so often I need a creative outlet.  So, I decided to give clothes making a try – again.  Yep that’s right, again!  Back in the day, Alexandra Nichols, Khurt Vhargon and I had a store called Wicked Gear.  It was fun, we made some cute stuff, and you can even still get our fab boyfriend jeans on Marketplace.  But mesh.. I wanted to try.  Grant you, I am no Photoshop expert and I certainly don’t know Maya.  But there’s people out there who do who provide some of the best pieces and parts to work with, so here I am!  I am in love with the shape of this sweater so I wanted to see it in a cozy cashmere.  Even got a little fancy with the neckline and the bodice with the contrast stitching.  I am realizing now how much I have forgotten in Photoshop and work so slowly, but it’s fun and rewarding.  The sweater and jeans here are available on Marketplace in my store and in world too!  In Arabic, Zee or زي means fashion or vogue.  Welcome to Zee 🙂


Sweater – Zee Cashmere comfy sweater – black
Jeans – Zee Cuffed skinny jeans with black belt
Shoes – LaRosa Shoes Romantika Heels Style 3
Hair – =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Xenia” Black 4
Hands – Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Casual

Pose – from the Little Vixen AO from Oracul
Location – Our sim
Snowmen – Sari-Sari


One thought on “So I thought I would try it myself….

  1. I cant just comment on 1 thing because I love them all ! now im out even more shopping than I used to be 😛 great Zee sweater 🙂

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