Vintage style

So I FINALLY got into Collabor88 and took a walk around, and BOOM!  there was this coat.  An oversized, retro looking, amazing coat.  And who made it?  Maitreya!  No demo needed, this baby had to belong to me.  So I got it in 2 colors and left a happy camper.  Now, who better to take a shot of me in my gorgeous new coat than the fantastic Jeff Goodnight?  The way he plays with lights, I knew he would get the vintage look I wanted, and BAM, here’s the result.  I look like I am a Russian spy in some 1940s movie, exactly what I wanted!  Thank you honey!  If you love great photography in SL, check his blog Landscapes and Ladies!

Coat – Maitreya Oversized Coat – Linen
Pants – ** DIRAM ** SAVINA Pant – Black – Mesh
Turtleneck – PARADISIS Skinny sweater : complete noir
Boots – BAX Foxy Boots Black Suede
Purse – (O&N) Studs Purse CC (Taupes) Boxed
Pearls – Donna Flora PRINCESS cream set
Hair – *Dura-Girl*51(Dark Brown)

Location – Goodnight Homestead
Pose – **Manifeste** – Model_201


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