Little more winter left…

Yep there’s a little bit of winter left in RL so I am not ready to let go of it in SL either!  I love the shape of the comfy cashmere sweaters but pink was needed.  It just had to happen!  Skinnies and pink Uggs complete the look for a walk through the woods near the house.

Sweater -Zee Cashmere comfy sweater – Pink
Jeans – Zee Low-rise Ultra Skinny Jeans
Boots – MiLOS HuGs – Pink
Scarf – BoHo HoBo Scarf  (candystripes)
Hair – Clawtooth: Female Trouble (Silent Movie Star Pack)
Earrings – (Dahlinks) BoHo Earring – Gun Metal
Location – Terra Australis Incognita (hurry if you like winter, it’s going to be closed and changed at the end of the month!)


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