Bodycon and retro

Summer has always meant bare shoulders and hair up off your neck.  Halters…  that sexy bow at the back of the neck taunting… asking to be untied by the right person.  This dress from coldLogic has that sexy halter complete with bare back, and the rest of the dress hugs your curves with the wrinkles and pulls in all the right places.  It comes in a ton of colors with matching or contrasting belts to mix and match.

Dress – coldLogic dress –  with belt in brown
Shoes – Eudora Akhesa Wedges (Slink Medium Feet) BRS
Hair – TRUTH HAIR Delta –  black & whites
Earrings – Zaara : Sarayi Hoops *wood*

As always, Slink hands and feet and Mandala mesh ears.

I’ve been knowing her for years
I’ve been seeing her for years
She got dark, dark wavy hair
With a voice like she just don’t care
She got a skirt with a halter top
She’s got a dad who never gave a fuck


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