Curvy Classics

I love warm fall colors.  Rust, orage, deep red, cream… yep love it all!  I know it’s summer but fall is around the corner and I can’t wait!  Everything is crisp and clean and beautiful in the fall, and now’s the time to stock up on gorgeous fall clothing in RL, so why not SL too? 🙂  This orange leather skirt pairs perfectly with the cream belted sweater.  Shows off your curves in a classy way!

Top – The Secret Store – Damask Sweater – Icing 
Skirt – :FANATIK: Pencil skirt leather orange 
Shoes – Eudora 3D Weston Pumps BRS
Hair – Magika [Hair] Dreamy
Earrings – Donna Flora Tosca in topaz

As always, Slink hands and feet and Mandala ears.

Location – Argeela sheesha lounge at Goodnight Ventures


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