Slink Physique and League appliers!

Mesh bodies and parts.  They come and go, new ones all the time, so many appliers so many asses breasts you name it… PHEW!  But through it all, Slink had the market on hands and feet.  Most skin makers had appliers.  So the next logical step – body!  Say hello to Slink Physique.

Mind you, not all skin makers jumped on the band wagon right away, including my skin maker, League.  No way I am giving up my League so I just put on my patience cap and waited for word from Nena that she would make them.  A few weeks ago, she said she was.  And last week, it arrived.  And I ran.  First to League to get the applier, then to Slink for the body.  After tweaking a new shape to look like my avatar shape with the mesh on, voila!  There she is.  This picture was barely touched in Photoshop.  I had to smooth the join at the neck, that was all.   Avatar smoothing usually takes forever… this needed nothing more than that.  There’s no crumpled torso or spikes on the shoulders or calves.  The joins with the hands and feet are flawless, and it’s my precious League skin.  Oh and?  It jiggles.  I can’t ask for more.  Except maybe mesh clothes to fit?  And Jeff to get home so he can help me break it in!  🙂

Body – Slink Physique Mesh Body
Skin – *League* Skin Erin Dark -Mocha and *League* Slink Physique Skin Applier -Dark
Hair – =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Xenia” Blacks and White (top) and =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Nena” Blacks and Whites (bottom)
Bikini – London People – Nisha – Indian Red Bikini v.1

Slink hands and feet and Mandala ears.



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