Pennies In The Fountain

As a kid my dad used to take me on outings and in this one park I loved there was an amazing fountain.  We’d walk up to it and he’d give me a few pennies and tell me to make a wish and throw them into the fountain.  It was just one of those things I never thought about, but today I learned why we do that!   The tradition all started with water.

Clean drinking water wasn’t always readily available for the early European tribes, and they believed that it was a gift from the Gods.  Sometimes small statue of a god could be found next to early wells and fountains, turning them into a type of shrine.  There’s a long tradition of giving gifts to the Gods and over time those gifts have become coins while sending up a small prayer or wish.  Probably one of the most famous examples of a wishing fountain is the Trevi Fountain in Rome which was built as the ending point of a long aqueduct called Virgo, named for the goddess who would guide soldiers to water when they were thirsty and tired. Originally, tossing a coin in or taking a drink from the fountain was supposed to ensure good health but eventually, the tradition changed to what we know today which is if you toss a coin over your shoulder into the fountain, you will one day return to Rome.  Since the movie Three Coins in the Fountain came out in 1954, this practice has become so popular with tourists that it’s estimated that around $4000 in coins are thrown in the fountain every day.

The next time I am at that park I will happily throw my pennies in and teach my son the same.  I love you Daddy.

Gown – –AZUL– Luana /Onyx (MMV2014_1stRunnerup)
Necklace, bracelet and earrings – Chop Zuey True Romance Platinum Set
Ring – Dahlinks Gloria Swanson Dress Ring
Shoes – Eudora 3D Huxley Stilettos BBG (Slink High)
Hair – Magika [Hair] Reading

Slink  hands and feet and Mandala ears.



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