A Day at the Races

I’m not quite sure how she does it, but I am sure glad she does.  Giz Seorn is a texture guru.  The leather jacket looks butter-soft, and the corduroy pants, even zoomed in, are amazingly realistic.  Thank you Gizza for making Second Life a bit more beautiful, even at NASCAR!  The jacket comes in a ton of colors and each one has a HUD for 12 sweater color choices.  The pants come in a bunch of different textures and each one comes with a HUD for 3 color options of that texture!  And these earrings… these are my go to hoops.  They have 9 metals to chose from, and you can set full bright and shine and all that good stuff.  Shoes too… TONS of color choices, skin and nails!

Jacket – GizzA – Asymmetric Leather Jacket [Beige]
Pants – GizzA – Josie Pants [Corduroy]
Shoes –  HELENA – 12colors / REDGRAVE (RGP0340014)
Bag – Maitreya Mesh Leather Satchel * Lion
Earrings – (Dahlinks) Gift Bag – Vochairs Hoop Earrings – 9 Metals
Right hand ring – Donna Flora SQUARE ring topaz
Hair – TRUTH HAIR Delta –  black & whites

Pose – Pose Maniacs Dada 5


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