Bueno Bento

So I left SL for almost a year, and I’m so glad I did!  My head is clear, priorities straight, and am back in game on a limited basis.  Not much has changed… except for bento.  I went straight to Catwa and Lelutka and picked up demos and thought, if I can get Sofia’s look, then I’ll take the plunge.  First I tried Catwa, and it was nice, but I couldn’t get the look I wanted.  Then… Lelutka.  A little more here, a little less there… and I got Sofia!  I’m pretty happy with the result, and as always Lelutka’s work is fabulous.



So just as I was all happy with the result, my friend tells me about… bento hands.  You can move fingers individually.  Immediately I thought.. wow, I can finally flip the bird in SL?  Off to SLink I went!  Everyone told me to wait because Maitreya will have a free update coming soon, but no way.  I had to give the finger.


My day is made.  Thank you, bento.