Remaking Yourself

We’ve all invested a lot of time and money in our avatars, so I never quite understood the concept of alts.  Yes, I have other accounts, but do I use them?  Maybe to model a man’s outfit or to be stupid on my kid avatar, but other than that, no.  I don’t have the time, desire or money to put into another avi and it’s always bewildered me why (and how!) people do.

I talked to some friends who either use alts or know people who do and I have come to the following conclusions:

  1.  Alone time.  Yep, sometimes you want to go off and explore SL undisturbed but you have a partner who is up your butt all the time (been there) or friends who always want to go out (been there too).  You can ignore them all, or you can just log into an alt and go explore in peace.  You might not look so good, but hey, it’s SL.  In RL we’ve all run to the store unshowered and in a baseball cap, right?
  2. Cheaters.  Yep, those who have multiple accounts so they can log in for an hour and pixel bang one partner then log into the next alt and pixel bang that alt’s partner.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  Who has the time?  Get a job.  Take the dog for a walk.  Play with your kids.  Pay attention to your RL partner.
  3. Business avis!  Yep you might build on one and socialize on another.  Kind of like #1.
  4. Stalkers.  Yea… I understand this one.  I had a RL stalker follow me into SL and had to change avis, but I deleted the old one.  Or, you break up with someone and then you’re on their tracker and they show up on alts at every place you ever liked to hang out.  Worse yet,  I’ve heard of stories where someone showed up on an alt and tried to get with the person who just broke up with their main.  Sucks to have to lose everything you had because of some other asshole, that’s what happens in RL too, the victim always pays.
  5. Reputation.  This one was the weirdest to me of all.  There’s people who might delve into kink or more (is there more?  lol) on alts because they want people to see their main as pure as the driven snow.  Come on people.  A.  It’s SL.  Who the hell cares what you do.  B.  If you’re able to do it on an alt, you’re not too pure, lets face it.  Doesn’t matter if your name is Barbie or Ken, Debbie or John…. just do it on your main and get over yourself.  Own your kinks.  I’ve dj’d naked, gone to kink sims and idled and did laundry while my ex did whatever it was that he liked (then told him how naughty I was, whatever lol), all on Sofia.  For milder stuff I DJ’d PG sims, sporting events and fashion shows for some of the best agencies and stores on the grid… because no one cared.  Everything goes in SL.


Word of advice on alts – if you really want to hide, don’t have your alt look like your main, don’t upload pics this week that look like they are from 2006 and don’t hang out at places your main hangs out.  You always – repeat – ALWAYS get found out.  And then I get to hear about it.  Well, that’s amusing anyway.

ANYWAY!  I bought these amazing shoes from Mutresse… totally customizable from leather to zippers to sole to toe to you name it.  Sexy pointed toe and stilletto heels, can’t go wrong in these!  And the skirt… the pefect high waisted pencil skirt from the always sexy Valentina E.

Skirt – Valentina E. Helene Pencil Skirt MAITREYA Noir
Top – Just Because Felicia Top – Coffee – Lara
Hair – [LeLutka]-NEU hair/Brown
Shoes – .Mutresse. Mrasnica Stilettos for Maitreya (High)
Earrings – (Dahlinks) Gift Bag – Vochairs Hoop Earrings – 9 Metals
Pose – Apple Spice – Pinup Pose 016

Have a great Wednesday!  signature


2 thoughts on “Remaking Yourself

  1. Wow just wow… about hitting the mark. This has been going on since I started SL ten years ago. Alts are created for multiple reasons. My only comment is…..if you are partnered with someone, and you have an alt to play around, why be partnered at all. It’s called an open relationship…… everyone knows, no one gets hurt….. it’s friggin SL ppl…..
    On top better things….. you look fabulous… want want want that.

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