Goodbye Winter

So I had my MRI yesterday and am waiting for the followup.  There’s so much I love about SL but so much I don’t too.  Like ass planting in a chair, but it’s doctor’s orders.  😦 Need to figure this all out before we head for vacation in October!

Spring weather is right around the corner so I am taking advantage of the little time left to show off this amazing gacha item from Zenith!  I know I have written so many times that I am not a gacha fan, but you can get almost anything on Marketplace, so I will link below!

This is most of us all winter in RL right?  Long sweater, leggings and flats.  It’s definitely me and the staple uniform of most of my friends to brave the cold.  I love seeing SL mimic RL!  The cute thing about this sweater is that it comes with the bag and hands and the arms in the pose you see.


Sweater – =Zenith=Winter sweater with bag (Snow) Maitreya
Leggings – Gawk! Black Cotton Leggings – Maitreya
Shoes – Pure Poison – Le Ballet Flats for SLINK and Maitreya
Hair – *barberyumyum*81 (brown)

Enjoy your weekend!  ♥



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