The Girl Code

Why are women so desperate in Second Life?  What happened to friendships, loyalty and the Girl Code?  If you need a refresher, check this page.  ANYWAY!  The one rule that hit home for me recently was this one:

Don’t even think about going for an ex-boyfriend

Well, in SL, how often does THAT happen!  Like, all the time?  For me though, I am pretty particular about friends (all Girl Code girls) so this hasn’t happened since my early early days, that is, until recently.  Someone who I considered a friend, someone I even helped with her issues with HER ex, went after mine.  How rude. What happens then?  Friend gone, and added to the skank list.  Good riddance.  Funny thing is?  She then tries to call out women for hitting on him while she was with him.  He didn’t cheat, he didn’t look, he just didn’t want her.  You know what… that was a true smack on the ass by karma.  Did it leave a welt?  Another one bites the dust.


3 years and y’all can’t last 3 months.  Sometimes it’s not that you’re you, it’s that you’re not me. Ladies, watch your boyfriends/husbands around this one. She has no shame.  Why bring this up now?  I don’t interfere in his “relationships.”  Not my business.  But now that she’s on the market again, none of you are safe and need to watch out.  Friendship means nothing to her.

Bodysuit – erratic / skye – bodysuit / black
Boots – Maitreya THB – Liquorice Leather – Lara Mesh Body
Hair – MINA Hair – Kat
Paddle – my own creation 🙂


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