More Kenny Rolands

Saw this on the web and it fascinated me.

“I fail to understand why so many think that to be dominant one must be rude, abrasive, bitchy, and without class. That is not dominant. That is playing to the porn fantasy of what it is supposed to be. A natural dominant can simply smile and give you a look that weakens you and brings you to your knees. One does not have to be ill-mannered to illicit submission. For those of you who say “they should force you into doing your service”, I would urge you to question your actual submissiveness. Submission it is not something that is forced, it is something that comes freely. And, if your respect and adoration of women in general is not at the core of your essence then you probably would not be a good candidate for me.”

Goddess worship dates back to Paleolithic times. Many anthropologists speculate the first “God ” or gods of the peoples were feminine. This coincides with ancient creation myths and beliefs that creation was achieved through self-fertilization. Within the concept of creation the participation of the male principle was not known or recognized yet. The Goddess was believed to have created the universe by herself alone.  So I guess the worship of women is a natural occurrence.  Good thing.  😉

This dress shows you’re a strong sexy woman who means business.  Give him that “look” in this dress and no doubt you’ll have a fascinating evening.


Dress – Kenny Rolands Anka Dress
Shoes – Mutresse Mrasnica Stilettos for Maitreya Body
Stockings – erratic  delice lingerie – suspender+thong / black included Maitreya applier
Bracelet – Zee Cord and Beads Bangle Right (Coming soon!)
Earrings – MANDALA SENJYU snow
Hair – little bones Hollywood