Diram @ Shiny Shabby

Real life has been full of ups and downs lately, so my foray back into SL has been a breath of fresh air.  After a year of being away I was able to see the game through new eyes (literally and figuratively, as I did get new eyes!), and I was able to see through the issues of the past and get back what originally drew me to the game.  Creativity, beauty, and most of all, friendships.  Some I kept and some I lost, and some I sorely missed.

One major thing I realized is that if someone is out of your life yet their name keeps coming up… or you’re still angry with them, or even if you’re still mourning that relationship or friendship, you need to address it or it’ll eat you alive.  As Eli Weisel says, the opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.  The most telling is when insults are the norm, indifference would mean that’s not necessary anymore for healing, don’t you think?  Addressing and rectifying a situation is always the best way to deal with something that weighs heavy on your mind.  Funny, that.  I’m glad I did, and would like to thank the little drama tossed my way for putting that into motion.

34315656791_d8062175cb_o_dAnyway!  So I admit I saw this look on another blog but isn’t that why we look at blogs? To find amazing things that we might not have found just hunting around SL.  This dress is ever so sexy and gives the perfect backdrop for a stunning tattoo.

Dress – Diram KHLOE @ Shiny Shabby
Tattoo – White Widow Snatch – Champagne
Hair – Little Bones Portia

Enjoy your weekend!



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