Cool Spring Nights

Summer’s on its way… the days are warm but at night?  A warm sweater is definitely needed to cover those bare shoulders.  The days may warn you of the hot weather coming, but the ocean breezes are still cool enough to put a little nip in the air!  So throw on that cute little cardi and stay warm.


Spring at the beach is great, but my favorite time of year at the ocean where I live is actually in the fall.  The days are cooler, the beaches are empty, but the water is still warm!  October is optimal, but the best time I ever spent was in November.  It was the most peaceful, relaxing and amazing week, good food, amazing oceanfront house and the best company you can imagine.  It’s a week I won’t forget!

Sweater & Top – .miss chelsea. Rita Cardi Maitreya Charcoal @ Uber
Pants – Coldlogic neve pant – donna neutral
Necklace – LaGyo_Simone Necklace – Silver @ Shiny Shabby
Earrings – RealEvil Savage Ear Piercings B
Rings – Meva Bento Boho Rings @ Shiny Shabby
Hair – TRUTH HAIR Halston

Yep.  Always you.


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