Boho at the park

Some of my best memories of times with my dad are at carnivals and amusement parks in New England.  On random Sundays he’d take me on a “Mystery Ride” and more often than not we’d land at a local park or carnival in town that week.  We’d ride the rides, eat til we felt nauseous… and played the games to win ugly stuffed animals which I brought home and cherished because Daddy won them for me.  My dad passed away a few years ago, and those memories have become extra special.

When Jeff decided to create an amusement park in SL, I was skeptical.  The rides are usually laggy and not well textured and knowing Jeff’s perfectionism when it comes to sims, I didn’t think he’d be happy.  But I admit it, I was completely wrong.  He was like a kid setting these rides up, trying each one and making sure it was up to his standards (ride-wise, but let’s just say scripters aren’t the best texturers!)  To get around that, he added gorgeous landscaping and mesh pieces which makes the place not only feel amazing and fun, but look amazing also.  It was my privilege to watch this park come to life in his hands, and I have to admit that the finished product brought back a lot of memories of “Mystery Rides” and that feeling of joy and sadness which comes with cherished memories.

Make sure you stop by and visit Goodnight Amusement Park and see if it doesn’t stir up some memories in you too.  Link to his blog is below, and also the SLURL for the park itself.  Thank you again Jeff for bringing my dad back into my mind so vividly.


Top:  L&B Swear Boho Blouse
Jeans: GizzA – Boho Jean [Grey]
Necklace: **RE** Envy Tags
Earrings: **RE** Savage Ear Piercings
Choker: CHAIN – Monica Choker
Glasses:  EarthStones Eyeglasses – The Flower Child – Treasure Pack
Rings:  Meva Bento Boho Rings
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Tempest

Click here to see Jeff’s blog post about the park
Click here to visit the park


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