What’s all this about rompers?

There seems to be some turmoil in the fashion community of late about men’s rompers.  I’m not sure that these should be a thing for one main reason:  rompers ride up.  If you have man bits in the way of a ride-up, that is not a good thing.  On the other hand, it would show off the butt quite nicely when that happens!


That being said!  Blueberry has released an adorable romper for women.  I got the fatpack which has special fabrics and mix and match body and belts, and these great shoes have a special Blueberry HUD with tones which match the romper perfectly.

Romper – Blueberry – Nikita – Maitreya/Belleza/Slink – Fat Pack
Shoes – EMPIRE – Jaborosa
Hair – DOUX – Katherin hairstyle [B&W]
Choker – CHAIN – Monica Choker
Rings – Meva Boho Bento Rings Maitreya
Purse – (O&N) Studs Purse CC (MonoLux)


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