Jeff and I both love Shameless.  I don’t generally binge watch shows but once I started, I watched for hours every night until I finished.  Yes, it’s that good!

There’s another part of Shameless Jeff loves though, and that’s V.  He thinks she’s amazingly hot, so I thought, yep that’d get his attention.  Found a great skin, then a little nip here and a little tuck there and I had V!  Jeff’s reaction made it so worthwhile, trust me on that one 😉  I think this look is staying for quite a while.

Maybe Fiona next?  Hmm.


Top:  Addams // Betina Tank Top
Shorts: KITJA – Sahara Shorts M.BLUE
Boots:  EMPIRE – Allium Roseum
Hair:  EMO-tions  MELIA
Nails/Rings:  Real Evil Elektra Nails & Rings
Earrings:  MANDALA SENJYU Earring BLACK hole

Skin:  Studio Exposure Zora (Hot Coffee) @ Kustom 9


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