I am a confessed Second Life addict.  I love the opportunity to be creative.  Whatever your love, you will find it in there!  I love fashion and music, and have been fortunate enough to pair those for the last few years.  As a DJ for BLVD Agency and now co-host of Sunday Brunch  with Frolic Mills, I have the opportunity to see amazing designs made by amazing people styled in amazing ways by amazing models.

I love realism in my choices, and my goal with this blog is just to highlight things that I love in the hopes that you will too!  The goal of this blog is to show that there’s a range out there that isn’t hilighted often – casual chic.  I got tired of frowns and huge breasts and asses and everything hanging out.  I like to wear what I like in RL, well, if I had the cash!  😀  I don’t have sponsors, don’t grab things from the blog groups, I only blog things that I have and love.

Again, thanks for stopping by!



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